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Herbal Medicine


Herbal medicine is the use of leaves, stems, fruit and roots of plants to treat and prevent illness. Though many herbal treatments are considered experimental, herbal medicine has an ancient and very well respected history. Most modern, allopathic medications of twentieth/twenty-first centuries were developed from ancient healing traditions that treated disease with specific botanics, plants. Today, science has isolated the medicinal properties of a large number of botanicals. Their healing components have been tested and documented in scientific abstracts. The components of many plants are now synthesized by pharmaceutical companies which churn out preparations that many of us use to treat anything from a sore throat to life threatening diseases.

From Arthritis to Weight Loss and most everything in between, there are many specific plants, herbs, and minerals that can be used for treatment on these problems.

I've been studying and experimenting with herbal products for decades. "The Scientific Validation of Herbal Medicine by Daniel B. Mowrey, Ph.D., is a remarkable book that I feel should be mentioned on this site. The book has been long awaited by herbalists and health professionals who are seriously interested in herbal medicine.

In this book, Dr. Mowrey provides the answers why herbal medicine is can be so effective, possibly more effective in treatment than pharmaceutical medications. His documentation is researched from the same abstracts and journals that the pharmaceutical industry has and still relies upon! Pick up a copy if you get a chance. It really is a remarkable, easy to sort out researched reference book of Herbal Medicine.

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