Academy of Natural Healing   Reflexology Classes Level I Course Outline
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Reflexology Level I - Foot Reflexology Course Outline.

Copyright © 2003


Prone - lying horizontal with face downwards; hands and face downward
bullet 1. Objectives of Course
bullet 2. Definition of Reflexology.
bullet 3. History of Reflexology
bullet 4. What Reflexology does
bullet 5. Theories
bullet 6. Reflexology Guidelines
bullet 7. Do's and Dont's
bullet 8. Treatments: How Often
bullet 9. Treatments: How Long
bullet 10. Personal Experience with Clients
bullet 11. Reactions/Health Response
bullet 12. Instructions For Individual Clients
bullet 13. How Soon to Expect Results
bullet 14. General Dynamics of Reflexology
bullet 15. Hand Technique
bullet 16. Equipment
bullet 17. Look at Feet
bullet 18. Electrical Energy in Reflexology
bullet 19. Anatomy of Human Body with corresponding reference to the Reflexes in the feet

Special Emphasis On -

bulletEndocrine System
bulletHead and Neck
bulletSkeletal System and Sciatic Nerve
bulletRespiratory and Cardiac System
bulletLymphatic System, Spleen & Appendix
bulletDigestive System
bulletUrinary System
bulletSuggested Outline for a course of Therapy - by Foot Routine & by Anatomical System