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Advanced Reflexology Training Class.

This course has been designed to follow on from our Basic Reflexology course to meet the needs of Therapists who wish to elevate their qualifications to a Higher Level, so they can offer their clients more specialized and comprehensive treatments. 

Reflexology is a skill which has a precise approach to promoting healing for everyone by stimulating the body's regenerative capacity.

Subjects included in the Course:

Prone - lying horizontal with face downwards; hands and face downward
  • Prone - lying horizontal with face, hands and face downwards

  • Supine -
    1) Of position lying on the back or with face upward;
    2) Of the hand or foot noting position with the palm or foot facing upward.

  • Hand Exercises - Care for the Care Taker

  • Personal Health History

  • Reflexology Projects

  • Addressing Symptoms

  • Weight Loss

  • Pendulum/ Muscle Testing

  • Kinesiology made simple

  • Toe Nail Problems

  • Diet and Nutrition

  • Reflexology for Women

  • Reflexology and "Colour"

  • Professionalism

  • Reflexology and Sex