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isabelle hutton, R.N., nationally certified reflexologist by Isabelle Hutton, R.N. - Nationally Certified Reflexologist

Isabelle Hutton is a Registered Nurse and maintains a private practice in alternative medicine, specializing in Reflexology and other natural methods. She is continually refining and searching for natural solutions to disease within her own vast exerpience.

Her other natural healing therapies are methods such as: Jin Shin Jyutsu (Acupressure), Aromatherapy, Reiki, Hopi Therapy Technique, Kinesiology, High Touch Jin Shin, Axitonal Alignment, and Therapeutic Touch Healing.

Isabelle is responsible for teaching hundreds of nurses and massage therapists throughout the United States and Canada the true science of Reflexology, and other alternative healing methods. She puts a strong emphasis on self-healing awareness. Isabelle taught Reflexology at the Colorado School of Healing Arts in Lakewood, and the Utah College of Massage Therapy in Salt Lake City. Isabelle is committed to teaching alternative therapies, holistic, natural healing methods and the self-help approach to all. She currently teaches several alternative therapy classes: four reflexology classes, from Level I to Mastery Level, and two Jin Shin Jyutsu classes. She continually refines her reflexology charts; three hand foot reflexology charts, an essential oil reflexology chart and a "muscles for massage" reflexology chart. She has spent an infinite amount of time perfecting her work with these charts over the course of about 12 years, and it shows. Isabelle's charts are one of kind and often imitated. All information about her reflexology charts is located on her charts/products page.

Isabelle's formal training is that of traditional, or conventional medicine. However, her intuitive, holistic approach to health originated, and was nurtured by her mother's belief and practice that the body, when working at it's most harmonious level, is capable of healing itself. Isabelle combines her expertise in conventional medicine and holistic health with a gentle and intuitive approach.

Isabelle has over 30 years of study and practice in alternative medicine. She is well known and very respected thoughout North America for her expertise in Reflexology. In addition to regularly teaching four levels reflexology, Isabelle has teaches Jin Shin Jyutsu and High Touch Jin Shin. Classes for these healing arts are very popular. In her seperate, alternative therapy practice, Isabelle has created, nurtured and now developed a powerful healing technique. She combines several healing methods in a single treatment. Her vast experience in healthcare combined with a creative ability are very apparent when viewing the her reflexology charts, as well her anatomical and very technical muscle chart. She is currently writing a book on reflexology.

Reflexology, jin shin jyutsu, Reiki, etc., are obviously not in the same field as conventional, or western allopathic medicine in which a variety of methods are used to treat illness. Conventional medicine, however, is necessary for many reasons. Reflexology is considered to be in the ever-growing family of natural, or alternative medicine. Essentially, reflexology is a science that maps out the reflexes to the entire, or whole human body on the feet and/or the hands. By pressing specific areas (slightly or deeply into the specific muscle) on the feet/hands with your thumb or fingers, every organ, gland, and body part is affected.

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What is Alternative Medicine?

Alternative medicine practices are used instead of standard medical treatments. Alternative medicine is distinct from complementary medicine which is meant to accompany, not to replace, standard medical practices. Alternative medical practices are generally not recognized by the medical community as standard or conventional medical approaches.

Alternative medicine, the treatment and prevention of disease by techniques that are regarded by modern Western medicine as scientifically unproven or unorthodox. The term alternative medicine can encompass a wide range of therapies, including chiropractic, homeopathy, acupuncture, herbal medicine, meditation, biofeedback, massage therapy, and various ?new age? therapies such as guided imagery and naturopathy. Although many alternative therapies have long been widely employed in the treatment of disease, the scientifically oriented modern medical establishment has typically been skeptical about, and sometimes strongly opposed to, their use. Despite this, Americans spend billions of dollars on alternative treatments each year. In 1993 the U.S. National Institutes of Health established the Office of Alternative Medicine to examine the merits of such techniques.

Alternative Healing
Ways to Improve Your Health through Affirmations, crystal healing, goal setting techniques, aromatherapy, feng shui, health tips, herbs, massage and more.

Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM)

Complementary medicine is usually not taught or used in Western medical schools or hospitals. Complementary medicine includes a large number of practices and systems of health care that, for a variety of cultural, social, economic, or scientific reasons, have not been adopted by mainstream Western medicine. Complementary medicine is different from alternative medicine. Whereas complementary medicine is used together with conventional medicine, alternative medicine is used in place of conventional medicine. An example of an alternative therapy is using a special diet to treat cancer instead of undergoing surgery, radiation, or chemotherapy that has been recommended by a physician. Complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) can include the following:

  • Acupuncture,
  • Alexander technique,
  • Aromatherapy,
  • Ayurveda (Ayurvedic medicine),
  • Biofeedback,
  • Chiropractic Medicine,
  • Diet Therapy,
  • Herbalism,
  • Holistic Cheirology, (Palmistry)
  • Holistic Nursing,
  • Homeopathy,
  • Hypnosis,
  • Jin Shin Jyutsu,
  • Massage Therapy,
  • Meditation,
  • Naturopathy,
  • Nutritional therapy,
  • Osteopathic Manipulative Therapy (OMT),
  • Palm Therapy, ~ courtesy of humanhand.com
  • Qi gong (internal and external Qiging),
  • Reflexology
  • Reiki,
  • Spiritual Healing,
  • Tai Chi,
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), and
  • Yoga

U.S. National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine

The National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine or NCCAM, is a United States government agency. NCCAM is dedicated to exploring complementary and alternative healing practices in the context of rigorous science, training complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) researchers, and disseminating authoritative information to the public and professionals.

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 Experience a Healing Session with Isabelle

Isabelle Hutton's practice is located just south of Denver in Greenwood Village, Colorado. To schedule your appointment with Isabelle, or to inquire about how you can learn reflexology and jin shin jyutsu, please call 435.275.2096. Send email her and email, Isabelle Hutton. Isabelle usually sees clients M-F starting at 8am with her last session scheduled around 5pm MDT. Isabelle Hutton is well-known in several modes of healing and self help. Please schedule your appointment as soon as possible so that you may receive your preferred time and date.

Please leave a message if you reach Isabelle's voicemail. Either Isabelle or her assistant will phone you back, usually the same day. Isabelle reads all emails about once per day. For a more prompt reply, email support@isabellehutton.com. You will receive a quick response to answers regarding all aspects of her practice and/or her website from a certified Reflexologist. Isabelle is also very good about personally contacting anyone with questions regarding her practice and her brilliant charts. She is also extremely generous in answering specific questions such as "reflexology how to" info,etc.

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Academy of Natural Healing

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